La lettera di presentazione da IPPNW

From: John Loretz <>
Date: 2013/1/30

I know you've all heard about the new video on IPPNW's YouTube channel, in which Ira makes a concise (14 minute) and compelling presentation about the medical and environmental consequences of nuclear weapons. If you haven't had a chance to look at it yet, you can see it here:

This is an important new resource for our work, and it can be particularly valuable in the remaining weeks before the Oslo conference on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons. Please consider using it in the following ways, to ensure that it is seen by as many people as possible:

1) Send the link to everyone on your e-mail list; place it on your Facebook page; send it out over Twitter and any other social media services you use. Encourage everyone you know to watch it. If your affiliate has a webpage, link to it from there, as well.

2) Bring the video to the attention of your foreign ministry and urge them to watch it as part of their preparation for Oslo. If you can find out who the members of your country's Oslo delegation are, send the link to them directly.

3) Because the video is less than 15 minutes long, it's a perfect vehicle for introducing the subject at a public meeting. The impetus for the video came from the Norwegian Red Cross, which wanted something that could be used by other national Red Cross Red Crescent societies as an educational tool to support the resolution on nuclear weapons adopted at the end of 2011. Show it to your own RC society and encourage them to use it, perhaps as part of a joint public event.

4) PSR is planning a webinar to train its activists in how to lead a discussion based upon the video, and they would welcome participants from other affiliates. I'll post updates about this project as it develops.

5) For now, the video is only available in English. It may be possible to produce other versions with subtitles in different languages, but this will require translations of the narrative, someone with the technical skills to edit the file, and probably some additional funding. If there is interest in this, we'll pursue it with you.

There has been a lot of demand for a resource like this. Thanks to Ira and those who helped him produce the video, we now have it. Let's make the most of it!

John Loretz
Program Director
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
66-70 Union Square, Suite 204
Somerville, MA 02143