Appello Urgente

Contro la deportazione dei pastori palestinesi del villaggio di Suseya

Senza voi in Italia il lavoro nostro qua vale mezzo, quindi vi preghiamo di
leggere le righe sottostanti e di aiutare il nostro lavoro a Suseya.
La petizione sottostante in inglese riguarda anche il gruppo di pastori con
i quali viviamo noi.
7 settembre 2004
operazione colomba

Questo mercoledi l'Alta Corte di Israele affronterà la seguente questione:
possono gli abitanti di questa terra rimanere a vivere dove hanno sempre
vissuto oppure ha ragione l'esercito che chiede di spostarli a forza per
fare sul luogo in cui sono un campo di addestramento militare?

E' possibile, senza la vostra adesione alla petizione, che questo mercoledi
8 settembre i pastori con cui viviamo e quindi anche noi vengano cacciati a
forza dall'esercito.

Vi chiediamo di aderire subito alla petizione informatica e di girare questo
appello. La petizione e' sottoscrivibile al seguente indirizzo:

La petizione e' promossa da diverse associazioni per i diritti umani

I volontari di Operazione Colomba


We very much need each and every one of you to sign the petition appearing
below and send letters to the list of decision makers also appearing below
before the High Court hearing on Wednesday, September 8th, regarding the
cave dwellers of Susya and surroundings. (To remind you, there are two
parallel High Court cases dealing with two separate attempts to expell cave
dwellers from different cave communities. The government will be asking that
the court rescind their order which returned the expelled cave dwellers to
their homes, while we argue that the government is exploiting the Court
decision (which spoke of preserving a "status quo" ) to make life impossible
for the residents of the caves. They are not even allowed to rebuild/repair
the caves and other structures damaged by Israeli security forces during the
expulsion, while new outposts dot the landscape, Itamar Cohen and hi! s
friends have taken over the village of Gawaweis and are livin g in one of
the homes and the settlement of Sussya is growing crops on land which the
defense establishment itself ruled to be private Palestinian land.

Please demand that the government withdraw all objections to the Court's
restraining order and allow the development of the infrastructure necessary
for the cave dwellers to live in dignity. The petition and background
information below can help you in terms of what to write.
However, please keep in mind that phone calls are most effective, followed
by original faxes, followed by original emails. Please make your
communications firm and clear, but polite.

Please sign on the petition by clicking:

Also please let us know if you can come to the court on Wednesday or are
interested in expressing solidarity in any other way.

* Bat Shalom * Coalition of Women for Peace * Fifth Mother * Gush Shalom *
HaCampus Lo Shotek [Campus Speaks Out] * Israel Committee Against House
Demolitions * MachsomWatch * New Profile * Noga Feminist Journal * Public
Committee Against Torture in Israel * Rabbis for Human Rights * Ta'ayush:
Arab-Jewish Partnership * The Other Israel peace movement newsletter * Women
in Black (Israel) * Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
(Israel Section)

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