Special Session on Disarmament and Demilitarisation International Secretariat in Brussels.

5 novembre 2007

Moderator: Marie Dennis (invited)
Minutes: Paul Lansu.

11 am

Opening and Aims of the Meeting by Paul Lansu.
Defence Policies

2.1. Missile Defence System, MSD

Initiatives taken so far on MSD. Tony D’Costa;
Analysis given by friends from Central Europe and Russia. Stanislaw Latek (Poland);
Analysis given by Dave Robinson, USA (invited);
Possibility of a common strategy in North America and (Central) Europe;
Debate and Conclusions.

2.3. Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution. Update given by Sr. Filo.

2 pm.

2.2. The EU and the European Security Strategy.
Input given by Prof. Dr. Sven Biscop, Senior Research Fellow, Egmont – The Royal Institute for International Relations, Visiting Professor, College of Europe, Bruges - and member of Pax Christi Flanders.

Antipersonnel Landmines

Analysis given by N.;
Ten years Mine Ban Treaty;
Debate and Conclusions.

Arms Trade and Arms Industries

Analysis given by N.;

Arms Trade Treaty, ATT. Peter Brune (invited);

Report of the Gothenburg Process. Peter Brune;
Debate and Conclusions.

Cluster Munitions

Analysis given by Mirjam Stuyk and Tony D’Costa.
Cluster Munitions Coalition and its activities. Mirjam and Tony;
Global Day of Action to Ban Cluster Bombs. Annual Event. Role of our Network.

Small Arms and Light Weapons

Analysis given by Peter Brune and Cesar Villanueva (invited);
SLAW Projects in Africa;
Debate and Conclusions.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

3.1. Nuclear Disarmament:

Analysis given by Tony D’Costa and Dave Robinson (invited);

Debate and Conclusions.

3.2. Biological and Chemical Disarmament:

Analysis given by Ineke Malsch;

Debate and Conclusions.

Pax Christi International should highlight three concrete processes where more action is required internationally:

On Small Arms – states should immediately implement the United Nations Programme of Action, and support the development of an effective Arms Trade Treaty.
On Nuclear Arms – we need more states to support the Nuclear Weapons Convention, an idea so far backed by 125 UN Member states, but in dire need of concrete action. Nuclear weapons are futile against any of today's real security threats. The NWC would provide for the elimination of nuclear weapons in much the same way comparable treaties have banned landmines and chemical and biological weapons. True human security, and the survival of our planet, will never be guaranteed until such weapons are eliminated.
On Cluster Munitions - 80 states are participating in a new multilateral process based on the Oslo declaration calling for a ban on cluster munitions by 2008. Those who have not joined are called upon to do so, those already on board are encouraged to continue to support a cluster ban treaty that will put an effective halt to the use of these weapons and ensure assistance to, and inclusion of, affected communities and individuals.

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