SuSE Supports RedHat's Open Source Initiative

Here is SuSE's Press Release aganist SCO and its holy war.
7 agosto 2003
SUsE Linux

Il camaleonte simbolo di SuSE... naturalmente, non ufficiale! There have been many unsubstantiated and inflamatory statements made recently in an attempt, we believe, primarily to slow the inevitable acceptance of Linux. Linux is a disruptive technology, troubling to many, puzzling to some, potentially freeing to all. With every disruptive technology, there will be those who fight to maintain the status quo, fight to hold on to a losing proposition.

SCO has already been halted in Germany and we applaud Red Hat's actions to help end their activities in the US -- and beyond.

We applaud their efforts to restrict the rhetoric of the SCO group -- and the FUD they are trying to instill -- and will determine quickly what actions SuSE can take to support Red Hat in their efforts.

We call on SCO to stop the fear, uncertainty and doubt and join with the rest of the IT community in building Linux into the next quantum advance in technology.

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