Extremism accusations dropped against Chechen human rights organization

Timur Aliyev
Fonte: Prague Watchdog - 27 ottobre 2004

Logo Prague Watchdog - Timur Aliyev, North Caucasus - The Nazran municipal court has ruled that material written by the human rights organization, The Chechen National Salvation Committee (ChKNS), is not extremist.

"We proved that our work is carried out in strict accordance with both Article 29 of the Russian Constitution that guarantees freedom of thought and speech to every citizen, and Article 10 of the European Convention guaranteeing freedom of expression," said Ruslan Badalov, head of ChKNS.

This case was brought before the court by the Ingushetian Prosecutor General. The prosecution was represented by Magomed Aushev, public prosecutor, and Khamzat Barkinkhoyev of the Ingushetian Justice Ministry.

The ChKNS defense lawyers, however, presented two expert conclusions by the Moscow-based Independent Council of Legal Expertise. Besides, they presented interviews with Vladimir Kalamanov, former Russian presidential envoy on the observance of human rights and freedoms of citizens of the Chechen Republic, and Oleg Mironov, Russian human rights commissioner, in which the government human rights representatives repeatedly remarked on massive human rights violations against the civilian population of Chechnya.

Based on the documents presented by the defense, the court ruled against the Prosecutor General and refused to recognize that ChKNS documents were extremist.

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