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Press release of the CNSC National Supervision of Contaminated Sites

Land reclamation. The miracle of the Renzi government, 74.000 acres of new industrial areas in Sardinia and thousands in other parts of Italy!

The Law-Decree n. 91 approved last Tuesday is only a benefit to the army, as they get the limits for soil pollution increased by 100 times.
June 28, 2014
28 giugno 2014
Coordinamento Nazionale Siti Contaminati
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Fonte: Press release of the CNSC National Supervision of Contaminated Sites - 28 giugno 2014

The Renzi government apparently multiplies the industrial areas of the country, but the real goal is not to create jobs but to cover the soil contamination of the military areas, raising legal pollution limit by 100 times.

The decree, tragically named "Protected Environment" by the Minister of the Environment, Mr Galletti, criminally wipes the state of contamination of the military areas of the country clean. Tens of thousands of hectares distributed throughout the country, occupied by military polygons, training camps, barracks, where activities that may have released hazardous substances have been carried out for decades (think of the continuous blasting of charges in polygons) are now treated as industrial areas for which the law prescribes thresholds of contamination much higher.

Indeed the decree states that military areas should refer to the limits of column B of the table relative to the threshold of soil contamination of Legislative Decree 152/2006, which refers to industrial areas, and not in column A, the one with the limits for residential and green areas.

To give an example, the threshold of Cobalt for green areas is of 20 mg/kg while for industrial areas is 250 mg/kg, more than 10 times higher. The limit of polycyclic aromatic compounds (including several toxic and / or carcinogenic elements) for industrial areas is higher than 100 times (1 mg/kg vs. 100 mg / kg). Benzene, a first class carcinogen, has a higher than twenty times limit (0.1 mg/kg versus 2 mg/kg). For tetrachlorethylene, another suspected carcinogen and toxic to the liver, the limit is 40 times higher.

All these new limits refer to areas that often appear as green areas covered by Mediterranean scrub and woodland! Think of Capo Teulada and Quirra (Perdasdefogu) in Sardinia or in Monte Romano in Lazio (12.300 acres large!).

The decree will prevent the alienation of military areas in favor of regions and municipalities that require them for civilian uses because otherwise it would be expected to refer to Table A, the one with the more stringent limits. Who will be then so unwise to propose to spend hundreds of millions of euro for environmental remediation in the presence of a law that sets much higher limits and without spending a euro?

CNSC National Supervision of Contaminated Sites

National Forum of Free Water Movements

Stop biocide in Lazio - Stop biocide in Abruzzo

Note: Translated in English by Marco Schnabl

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